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The Jewish Students' Chanukah Resource Site 


Thanks to some generous donors, who care and share, we will once again be offering the signature Chabad UW spirit with free Menorahs and Chanukah-themed finals packages. 

See below for our exciting options! 

Pickup a Menorah near you. 

Jewish Husky-Menorah ambassadors are located throughout campus to make it easy for YOU!

Find the closest location, contact the ambassador and arrange a pickup. 


Enjoy the signature Chabad UW warmth and spirit with free Menorahs and Chanukah-themed events. 

See below for exciting offerings! 

Menorah lighting on Red Square with a giant "W" shaped Menorah, made from solid ICE! 

12/7/2023 | 5pm

Live music, Chanukah-themed treats and more. 

Chanukah 2023 (Instagram Post).png

FEATURED: Grand Menorah Lighting

Need a Menorah?

We've got one for you. Thanks to generous donors, it's FREE. 

Text MENORAH to 206-401-7708



For more information and to learn more about Chanukah, please visit


Late Night - Glow In The Dark 

Take a study break and join for a fun and entertaining glow-in-the-dark Chanukah Party! 


RSVP: Text GLOW to 206-401-7708

Glow in the Dark Chanukah.png

SCHEDULE A MENORAH TRUCK VISIT: Chanukah party - Delivered!

Menorah truck?! 

Yes, schedule a visit with the Menorah pickup truck! A pickup truck with a LED 6-foot Menorah on the back!

The truck is stocked with donuts, latkes, chocolate Gelt, Menorahs and live music!

This is a great opportunity to part with friends or for parents to send some love to their Huskies ;) 

Choose a time that works and we'll be there! 


President Cauce lights the lead candle of the Chabad UW Menorah on Red Square.

Chabad UW-11 (1).png
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